The crop

You´re standing in your garden.
Your house is throwing it´s shadow
in the light of the sunset.

The wide and sandy country
is coloured with the red-orange breath
of the dying day.

Summer is sending it´s greeting
into the early evening.

The crop is prepared
to be gathered.

Each year the plants grew
without your help.
Gave you, what you needed
to survive in this stony desert.

You watch the sun
sinking into the endless
sea of the horizon.

Touching your little bag
filled with seeds
you´re wondering
if it´s time to use them…

You get on your knees
and begin to uproot the plants
and throw them away as far as you can.
One by one…

Then you prepare the ground
of your garden for the new seed.
You´re not sure if the crop will suffice…

But maybe this is what it´s all about.
Maybe time has just come…



The crop
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